cli_demo provides a framework for interactive demonstrations in a command line interface.


Registering an option

There are various ways to register() an option:

  • Registering with an expected user response
@options.register("r", "Restart."):
def restart(self):
    ...  # Restart demo
  • Registering with an input function key
def setup_callback(self, response):
    ...  # Process response.
  • Setting newline to True
@options.register("h", "Help." newline=True):
def print_help(self):
    print("This is the help text.")
    ...  # Print the help text
>>> Enter an input: h

This is the help text.  # A gap is inserted beforehand.
  • Setting retry to True
@options.register("echo", retry=True):
def echo_response(self, response):
    print("Got:", response)
>>> Enter an input: hello
Got: hello
>>> Enter an input:  # The input function is called again.
  • Setting lock to True
@options.register("o", lock=True):
def print_options(self, key):
    if key == "setup":
        ...  # Print setup options
    elif key == "echo":
        ...  # Print echo options


CodeDemo information here.


SandboxDemo information here.


cli_demo was written by Han Keong <hk997@live.com>.